360is Performance, Security and Virtualization

Bango provides Google, Facebook & Microsoft with payment analytics

360is designed and architected a fully virtualised US data centre, including servers, switching, shared storage, and lights out management for Bango’s payment and analytics services. More

Stem Cells Inc is using their science to revolutionise medicine

360is procured and installed a virtualised, highly available, clustered platform for Stem Cells workloads at their Babraham Research Campus. More

Maxymiser provides testing & analytics for HSBC, Ladbrokes, & Lastminute

360is was retained by Maxymiser to validate their data centre design and assist in vendor selection before build-out to 3 regional data centres. More

IBM’s analytics software combats crime, terrorism, & insurgency

360is designed and built a virtualised development and testing platform, enabling IBM’s software engineers to work with hundreds of OS, Application, and environment permutations through a single management and provisioning plane. More

SVG is a Private Equity Investor with £4.7 billion under management

360is designed and developed a web-based automated VM provisioning application, enabling developers to create multiple isolated instances of the entire production estate for testing purposes. More

CIBC was ranked 3rd strongest bank in the world by Bloomberg

360is designed and deployed a multi-screen virtual desktop infrastructure for traders and analysts at CIBCs London disaster recovery site. More

Virtualization & Cloud

Infrastructure Has Changed

Modern hardware and software infrastructure offers unprecidented capabilities and performance. To fully harness it's power you must be prepared to transform the way you deploy and manage information technology in your organisation.

Over the last 10 years at least a dozen new hardware technologies and major software components have made their way into commercial products and services or become thriving open source community projects. Each delivers better performance, scalability, capacity, or flexibility than was previously possible. Virtualisation has matured and is easily adopted. New methods of orchestrating and managing large estates are commonplace. Application specific silicon is within reach for a wide range of system builders and end users.

Infrastructure has changed.

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