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Our Approach

    Our vendor-neutral approach is designed to improve your Information Security outcomes. It has been proven in previous engagements with top 5 Investment Banks, Telcos, and technology vendors. If you want to test for vulnerability in your systems, harden the security of an existing platform, or design-in resistance to attack for a new infrastructure, contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our consultants. We are there for when security problems exceed your team's capabilities.


Today, the job of building and maintaining secure IT systems is more complex than ever before. The imperative for zero downtime, a mobile workforce, distributed applications, and new infrastructure concepts like cloud all conspire to prevent you from securing your data. Arguably new development methods have not resulted in better software quality or fewer security bugs.

Meanwhile the consequences of any failure in Information Security have increased several-fold. There are more stringent regulatory powers, more electronic links to suppliers, organised crime and extortion, and personal privacy obligations. All this in an environment where litigation is rife.

Together this increase in complexity coupled with greater penalties for failure mean that you need a higher level of assurance that your Information Security arrangements are adequate. Are your security assets deployed in the right place? Are they configured according to the best current advice? Are they operating as the vendor promised? Do your staff know how to use them to maximum effect?

Our consultants are there for when security problems defeat your team’s efforts, and require more than simply installing a product. We look across systems, technology layers, and vendors, to solve security challenges and protect your valuable intellectual property and assets. Whether you are adding security to an existing system, or need to have it baked-in to a new infrastructure, our consultants can help you achieve your goal.

Our Services

360is provides the full spectrum of security services from initial architecture and design of systems and networks, through their practical implementation, testing & assessment, incident response, and remediation. If given design authority, we are able to ensure that security is "baked-in" to your new infrastructure from day-1, or we can improve the security posture of an already-deployed system currently in production. Our vendor-neutral position enables us to make the most appropriate technology or supplier choices for your project. You may have already invested tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds in security products, but are disappointed with the results. Our expertise enables you to extract greater returns from that investment.

  • Penetration Testing
  • Secure Infrastructure Design
  • Security Incident Response
  • In-place Security Hardening
  • Security Compliance Navigation
  • Cyber-Security Advisor

The Benefits

E-commerce, online gambling, and IT service companies all understand the benefits of having strong IT security. For companies in these sectors a kind of natural selection ensures that those which do not take security seriously sooner-or-later suffer (sometimes fatal) consequences to their profits, reputation, and service availability. Today most attacks against networks are automated, the target is selected not because of its value, but because of its vulnerability. Once compromised your systems are either used to mount further attacks against others, as a storage repository for stolen data, or simply as an asset for one hacker to trade with another. If there is any information of value on your systems, it can be readily sold via any number of anonymous marketplaces established for the purpose of monetizing all kinds of stolen information and access. Online businesses may understand security better than most, but today every organisation is a target for hackers, including your's.

Strengthening your IT security with our expertise benefits your organisation in a number of ways.

  • Reduces system downtime caused by breaches
  • Preserves your organisation's reputation
  • Protects you from regulatory sanctions
  • Reduces the chances of being sued
  • Prevents employees wasting time chasing breaches and alarms
  • Enables the business to safely adopt new technologies faster
  • Enables increased business flexibility

Improving the security posture of your organisation isn't just something to be done after disaster strikes. Better security can mean more productive staff, greater business flexibility, and happier customers. In many cases a leap forward in IT security enables competative advantage, without strong IT security there would be no online parcel tracking, no Internet banking, no e-ticketing, and no mobile working, no VPNs. Stronger IT security allows for the safe and rapid adoption of new working practices and technologies.

However, if your aspirations are less grand and your problems more mundane, improved Information Security can provide very practical benefits.

  • Better protection for your firm's reputation and your customer's privacy
  • Improving security is cheaper than downtime, crisis management or fighting law suits
  • Reassure auditors, clients, and partners that you are on-top of Information Security
  • Satisfy compliance requests quickly and confidently
  • Maximise value from your sunk investment in security products

Consider Our Services When

  • You need to establish how vulnerable your organisation is to cyber threats
  • A critical application or system is known or suspected to be vulnerable
  • Your systems have been compromised and your need to take decisive action
  • Your IT staff don't seem to be on-top of security matters
  • IT security problems are preventing business flexibility
  • You are challenged to meet customer, regulator, or partner expectations of IT security
  • You want to ensure you are taking the right steps to protect employees, assets, and intellectual property from rising cyber-crime

60% of cyber-attacks are purely optimistic, you are attacked because you are vulnerable.

25% of attacks are focused industrial espionage, data theft, or financial crime.

70% of investigated data breaches are at companies with less than 100 employees.

£35K to £65K is the average cost of a data breach to a small UK firm.

5 minutes is all it takes to get in touch with us about improving your IT security.

Next Steps

Our scientific approach to analysis and engineering has been proven in previous engagements with top 5 Investment Banks, Telcos, and technology vendors. If you have an IT performance problem that is impacting your business, contact us to arrange a no-obligation meeting with one of our consultants.

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