360 is Performance, Security and Virtualization

We are...

a specialist consultancy company focused on technology infrastructure. We deliver high-risk, high-return, projects that transform our client's business critical systems. We have 3 practice areas, Performance, Security, and Virtualisation. We offer a deep repository of prior experience and repeatable intellectual property. More

We are...

working to help London's early-stage technology companies get to market sooner, grow faster, and focus on their applications not the infrastructure that supports them.


We are...

working to accelerate UK Science and Technology at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, Oxfordshire.

We are...

designing and building secure IT infrastructure for the next generation of world-beating companies in Cambridge.

We are...

solving technology problems so DNA scientists at the Babraham Research Campus can work efficiently.

We are...

enabling geophysicists to build more detailed models and simulations of hydrocarbon deposits in the North Sea and beyond.

Our Philosophy

Our engineers have been designing, building, and improving IT infrastructure and applications since 1995 and established Three Sixty as an independent technical consultancy firm in 2002. We solve the technical problems so our clients can focus on the business ones.

Common Sense

We apply common sense to satisfying client requirements, and avoid the rigid application of processes or a one-size-fits-all approach. We have an average of over 20 years experience per consultant. We know a Cleanroom from a Waterfall, and a Scrum from a Spiral. We also know that without awareness of the context for your project, it is folly to start talking about specific methods of delivering it.


Vendors constantly play a game of technical leapfrog with one another. Relative features, performance, and price fluctuate on a regular basis. We are not aligned with any one vendor and enjoy the freedom to recommend the right technology for our client's needs. Our position is that the best idea should win and in Information Technology nothing is permanent.


Decisive actions, new procedures, configuration changes, automation, and increasing your organisation's knowledge are essential for successful projects. Policy documents are useless unless put into practice, surveys, audits, and reports are wasted unless recommendations are implemented promptly. Although competitor's staff frequently outnumber us, few are as focused on decisive action. If your project is already in danger of failing, we can restore credibility and recover your investment in technology through decisive action.


Our consultants are experts, having worked previously in senior technical roles for the worlds largest Internet Service Provider, from start-up, through hyper-growth, IPO, and 14 acquisitions. With an estimated 70% of Internet traffic passing over their network, they developed, deployed, and managed thousands of systems for blue-chip Times Top 100 and Fortune 500 customers. As independant consultants we have advised a number of public bodies including the UK Financial Services regulator and the Criminal Intelligence Unit of a major UK police force. We count household names like Pepsico, Tesco, Barclays, and Ryan Air amoung our clients. Test us.